Long | 19 passengers + guide

Engine specifications

Volume (cubic centimeters) 2987
Torque (Newton Meter/RPM) 440/1,600-2,600
Capacity (horsepower) 190
Fuel feed Integrated track / turbo intercolor
gearbox Automatic G-Tronic Plus 7
Back/front brake disc
Wide tires 205/75R16C

Brakes and stability

Stability and braking systems ESP-ASR-ABS-BAS-EBD
Active braking system standard

Electricity and fuel tank

Battery 12V/92AH AGM
Alternator 14V18OA
Fuel tank volume (liters) 93
Urea tank volume 22 liters

Weight (kilos)

Total weight 5,000
Maximum forward weight 1,850
Maximum back weight 3,500

Dimensions (millimeters)

Axle distance 4,325
Diameter of rotation (meters) 14,3
Forward extension 1,021
Backward extension 2,021
General length 7,367
General width 2,020
Internal height 2,009
General height 2,703
Height of sliding door 1,808
Width of sliding door 1,260

Special extra accessories

  • Original Mercedes MBUX 7 multimedia system
  • Android Auto or Apple Car Play
  • Type-C charging ports
  • Nickel set: grill, mirrors, handles and hubcaps
  • Bumpers colored the same as the vehicle
  • Multifunctional steering wheel with contact surfaces
  • Foldable electric mirrors
  • LED lamps in the front and back
  • Smart key 4 sets
  • Wide trunk equipped with interior plastic protector
  • Spare wheel + storage compartment connected trunk
  • Storage compartment for the driver + cupholder
  • Rain detector
  • Wet wiper system
  • 93 liter fuel tank
  • Colorful control panel
  • External mirror defroster
  • HOLD braking capacity
  • Hand rests for driver
  • Passenger seat by the driver + airbag/ safety belt
  • Reading lamps for the driver
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