E-jest designed by KARSAN

Meet e-JEST, designed by the Turkish KARSAN in collaboration with BMW, the electric minibus market leader in Europe. This vehicle is set to change the rules of the game in the public transport market in Israel. A considerable financial saving in ongoing expenses, environmentally friendly, a travel range which requires no charging up during the shift, ease of travel and unusual maneuvering capabilities, which enable access in neighborhoods with particularly narrow roads. All this combined with advanced safety systems and full accessibility as a standard.



Vehicle type Jestronic
Category and group M2, Class A

Dimensions (centimeters)

General length 5.845v
General width 2.055
General height 2630 without air conditioner/ 2,800 with air conditioner
Internal height 1,945 minimum/ 2,185 maximum
Forward extension 1,200
Rear extension 895
Axle distance 3.750
Height of first step 270
Doorway gap 1.200


Maximum speed (KPH) 154 (with no speed limitation)
Rotation radius 6,800
Climbing capability (%) 25

Weight (kilograms)

General weight 5,000
Maximum forward load 1,850
Maximum rear load 3,500


Separate racks for four wheels Rack system
Independent coil springs, telescopic shock observers and stabilization rod Front and rear axle system

Fuel tank

Fuel tank capacity (liters) 80
AdBlue tank capacity (liters) 25


Front and rear brakes Hydraulic disk

Tires and rims

Tire and wheel dimensions 215/75R 16C& 6J X 16


anti-lock breaking system ABS
traction control system TCS
vehicle dynamic control VDC
Electronic stability program ESP
Electronic braking distribution EBD
Hill start assist HSA
Diagnostic trouble code DTC
Brake assist BAS

Vehicle body type

Corrosion protection Unified, light, strong and hard space frame
Electric system Coating with electrified Cataphoresis coating and coating of the lower body
Battery (Volt/Amper-hour) 12V-105A
Alternator (Volt/Amper) 14V-210A

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