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BG motors is a leading and trailblazing company in Israel's automobile market. The company specializes in the importation and marketing of leading vehicles for a variety of purposes for all types of clients, in a wide national deployment. The vision of BG motors espouses innovation and opening the Israeli market to advanced transportation solutions adapted to promote a sustainable environment. Over the past decade it has gained a justly earned reputation for making this vision a reality.

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The well-known and much beloved Sprinter model Mercedes vehicles constitute a major development in the automobile market, as they are advanced vehicles adapted to the challenges of transportation both under Israeli conditions and internationally. BG motors imports and markets a broad variety of transport vehicles for the private and business sectors with a wide range of accessories and various configurations for every need. In addition, the company offers accompaniment throughout the purchase process and assistance in securing attractive financing transactions.

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Jest +: A small bus, a great idea

The next generation of minibuses is already here! Meet the Jest+, the new urban minibus, intended for public transportation. It offers an ideal solution for any motor pool. The minibus is compact and particularly robust, with a unique and innovative design that merges an aesthetic design and spatial adaptation to the urban texture. The bus can maneuver easily in narrow streets providing optimal access throughout the city as well as a pleasant and enjoyable riding experience for those utilizing public transportation.

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Mercedes double Cab

If you are looking for a work horse which will serve you well for many years to come, this is definitely the right choice for you. The Double Cab Sprinter of BG motors gets the job done by day and a luxurious motor experience by night.

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E-Jest – The Tesla of the minibuses!

Meet e-JEST, designed by KARSAN: the electric minibus market leader in Europe. This vehicle is set to change the rules of the game in the public transport market in Israel. This vehicle is set to be marketed during 2022


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