BG Motors LTD

BG Motors is a leading and trailblazing company in Israel’s automobile market. The company specializes in the importation marketing and nationwide deployment of cutting edge vehicles for a variety of purposes for all types of clients. The vision of BG motors espouses innovation and opening the Israeli market to advanced transportation solutions adapted to promote a sustainable environment. Over the past decade it has gained a justly earned reputation for making this vision a reality.

The vehicles sold by the company include transport and cargo vehicles, including buses serving the private and public sector in Israel. The company also maintains a department dedicated to the sale and marketing of private vehicles intended for the private sector.

BG motors has dedicated itself to upholding the excellence, which is the pillar of the company’s business strategy, emphasizing providing a winning service experience to our customers, including close accompaniment throughout the purchase process, assistance in securing attractive financing transactions and providing optimal service via the service center which is active throughout the day.


We believe that service is a basic and central value in company activity, which is why we prioritize our clients, and make sure they enjoy  the optimal service while meeting the highest standards in the market. Our service center is at the disposal of every client in order to provide them with a personal, professional and high-quality service in every issue and problem. The service manager and his staff are dedicated to providing solutions until full satisfaction is achieved by every customer.

Our vision

BG motors has set forth as a goal specializing in the importation and exportation of  high-quality transportation solutions, while meticulously using high quality and excellent accessories, adapting the suitable solution to the client’s needs and generating a personal service envelope for each client. The company has dedicated itself to values which define its organizational DNA – professionalism, service, quality and personal accompaniment.

BG Motors – we are here precisely for you.


Professionalism our number one value. Hence BG motors provides you with the service of select professionals with experience of many years in the vehicle and transport sector. For us professionalism means personal accompaniment, preparing transport solutions for every client according to their needs and requirements, need, high level service, transparency and reliability.


The company has dedicated to itself to the goal of providing high-quality transportation solutions that meet the client needs. To this aim we make use of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world and work together with them in order to provide the Israeli clients with reliable and leading carb brands.


The company is currently looking into a variety of revolutionary options meant to make the most advanced vehicles in every category accessible to the Israeli market.


BG sales center just right for you!

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